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About YSG Design

YSG Design has been putting people’s ideas and presence on the internet for over a decade now. From ecommerce to flash sites, games to advanced smart applications, YSG Design will make your cyber vision come to life. Our projects range from big companies, to small boutique shops, and even personal web pages. We can implement client side elements, such as multimedia, flash and sound, along with building server side applications such as blogs, content management systems and ecommerce.
We understand that in today’s competitive market, enhancing your company’s image on the web can make all the difference.

At the core of YSG Design stands its founder Yair Gelb.
Yair started as a designer over 12 years ago, creating vivid designs for companies such as Cartoon Pizza and the BBC. He then tapped into Flash and held Senior Flash Developer positions in 360 Hip Hop and Saks Fifth Avenue, doing both design and Actionscript. Over the past four years he has been coding Java and PHP, integrating design with functionality, visuals with data bases. He was the lead Front-End Developer at J. Crew, as well as Manager of their Front-End Department.
Yair brings to YSG Design his versatile experience, ranging from simple banners to huge retail ecommerce sites.

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