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Indoor Environmental Quality

This category's goals are to create comfortable, healthy, and productive indoor environments in buildings. Issues here include efficient ventilation systems, finish materials, microbiological and chemical contaminants, and inside and outside air pollutants.

EQ Credit 6.1: Controllability of Systems: Lighting ~ This credit requires individual lighting controls for a high percentage of occupants (or groups) to improve productivity and comfort.

BSBG Integration: Attention to light trespass, reduced or dimmed lighting, and lights timed to be extinguished at night are all important to bird safety.

EQ Credit 8.1: Daylight and Views ~ The purpose of this credit, which accrues from providing daylight to 75% of indoor spaces, and outdoor views as well-in addition to reducing energy usage-is to create a pleasant, healthy, and productive environment.

BSBG Integration: Bird safety is an issue to be considered in this credit: do the advocated views attract collisions

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