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OBJECTIVE: Undertake alterations or retrofits to buildings with high incidence of bird collisions.

Retrofit problematic windows and glass facades to reduce bird collisions:
Consider installing transparent or perforated patterned, non-reflective window films that make glass visible to birds (examples include Scotchprint , or CollideEscape ).
Consider painting, etching, or temporarily coating collision-prone windows to make them visible to birds.
Install louvers, awnings, sunshades, light shelves or other shading / shielding devices at large expanses of glass to reduce reflection and to signal the existence of a barrier.
Install and operate reflective blinds, shades or curtains to reduce glazing reflectivity and indicate the presence of a barrier to flight. Close curtains or blinds during the evenings if the interior is illuminated.
Consider re-glazing existing windows that experience high rates of bird collisions with low- reflectivity, etched, frosted, or fritted glass. Also, consider replacing large existing windows with multiple smaller units, divided lights or opaque sections.

Undertake strategies to create a physical barrier to the glass:
Install exterior coverings, nettings, insect screens, latticework, artwork, shading or shielding devices at notably hazardous windows to deter birds or otherwise reduce the momentum of their impact.
Consider planting trees and shrubs close to the building within a maximum of three feet from a problematic fašade or curtain wall. This planting strategy will block access to habitat reflections and birds alighting in these trees will not have the distance to build momentum if they move towards the glass. This planting strategy also provides beneficial summertime shading and reduces cooling loads. See "Bird- Safe Site Planning and Landscape Design."

Remove or relocate features attractive to bird populations to reduce the frequency of collisions:
Relocate interior plantings, water sources or other features that are causing birds to crash into glass windows.
Consider relocating or altering landscapes to minimize reflection in glass facades. See "Bird-Safe Site Planning and Landscape Design."

+ Retrofits can target specific problem areas and do not require comprehensive building intervention.
+ Many techniques are cost-effective and require little or no construction work.
+ Some retrofits are easily integrated with regular building maintenance.
+ The aesthetic impacts of most retrofit solutions are minimal.
- Some retrofit choices are expensive.
- Retrofits may be difficult to achieve or impractical for large towers.

Sustainable Sites (SS) Credit 5.1: Site Development: Protect or Restore Habitat.
Sustainable Sites (SS) Credit 5.2: Site Development: Maximize Open Space.
Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ) Credit 8.1: Daylight & Views.

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