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Much of the internet's growth is thanks to its ability to produce earnings. An ecommerce web site is an easy way, with minimal investment, to get your product out there.
Let us bring you our 5+ years of ecommerce experience with Saks Fifth Avenue and J.Crew. Here at YSG Design we can design and plan your site, supply the imagery and copy, and implement the shopping cart along with other business tools. If you already have parts of your ecommerce site, we can help improve it by supplying applications that will better the connection between you and your customer. We can also help with Search Engine Optimization and key word ads to give your site more visibility.

Implementation of custom applications or third party ones

These days, the wheel has been invented many times over. So instead of reinventing it again we will help you pick the right third party or open source solution. We will explain the possibilities, along with advantages and disadvantages and offer you a solution that fits your goals and budget.

Blogs and Wordpress

It seems that everyone has something to say on the internet. Join the wave of information with your own blog. Use it to promote your site or just to keep in touch with friends and family.
We can built it for you or customize an existing blog.
Wordpress is a very powerful and robust open source code to built blogs and dynamic content sites. We can implement and customize your Wordpress site, adding features such as on the fly image manipulation, language recognition, calendar events and more.

Search Engine Optimization

It's all about being seen, whether you are attempting to sell something or just trying to be heard. We will help you with key word optimization, to draw more traffic to your site. We will implement Search Engine favorable features such as site maps and text divs under your rich content.
We can also help set up a key word ad campaign that will have you come up, based on words searched for and area of customers, to get you in touch with more specific potential customers.

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