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  • Ahimsha

    Posted on October 6th, 2009 Sheila Yair No comments

    ahimshaAhimsha is the Jain practice of nonviolence. Based on the belief that every life is sacred, animal and human, it is strictly forbidden to end one. Mahatma Gandhi made ahimsha famous when he turned it to the core principle in the Indian struggle for its independence from the British. Traveling in Kashmir I came across this poster. Four super friendly faces with the title Allah dislikes violence. I am sure Allah does not like violence like any father would not want to see his children fight. But it is these four companionate gentlemen I want to elaborate on. These four angels of mercy with every word and every action seek ahimsha. Their speeches are filled with love and peace as they constantly call for tolerance, patience and compromise. Their actions show they are true fighters for nonviolence, building armies of peacefulness they bravely and without hesitation are willing to kill any violent man who does not accept their serenity. One of them is so nonviolent he refuses to believe the holocaust happened. These four noble souls are so kind hearted they make even Gandhi look like a violent gangster.

    peaceTouched by this overwhelming demonstration of ahimsha I wanted also to put together a poster. I wanted to display some western icons of peace and understanding of compromise and nonviolence. To show that ahimsha is strong on both sides. So here it is, four gracious true leaders who think only about the wellness of others, to whom life, any life, is more sacred than anything. I titled it “the west dislikes violence also”. With this abundance of peace loving, tolerance and nonviolence in our leadership you can see the human race is steadily marching towards full ahimsha.

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