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  • Welcome to India

    Posted on June 22nd, 2009 Sheila Yair No comments

    indiaWow so we are finally in India.

    The first thing you notice here is shit, yes I am talking about #2, doodoo, kaka you name it India has got it, and in mass quantity. You see it and smell it everywhere it hits you the minute you cross the boarder. With over a billion human anuses and who knows how many more billion animal ones working hard on a daily basis to fill the subcontinent up.

    On the other hand the number one cause of shit, food, is incredible here. Everything has such intricate and delicate flavors. You are tempted very 5 steps you take. There are stalls everywhere selling different things and even after a hearty meal you just have to stop and taste a few more things. My favorite so far is a chaat (snack) called paprichaat. It is chickpea and potato stew with tomatoes yogurt nuts and raisins. It is sweet tangy and spicy at the same time. I never thought I would boost a sweet dish but it is truly heavenly. Everything tastes so different it is undoubtedly the most complex cuisine in the world.

    There is a park in Delhi called the garden of the 5 senses but it seems that all of India is a garden of 5 senses. The smells, aside from the above mentioned you smell insent, spices and food everywhere.

    There is music from every corner, from the popish ballywood tunes to traditional religious music to the classical Indian music. Incredibly complex rhythms with ΒΌ tones scales that seem to come from a different reality. I have sat with some musicians and seen them play. I was playing a four string giutarish instrument, I played something Arabic sounding but then the musician took the instrument and played a classic raga. It was like me sitting in a car pretending to drive and then having him turn the engine on and go. For a western ear it is almost like hearing for the first time.

    Even the 6th sense, which I know nothing of, is probably well present here.

    But there is a lot of poverty and misery that accompanies these extreme sensory delights. It is hard to walk past all the beggars and crippled and not feel depressed.

    This is only my first impression, we have only been to the border and Delhi so I might have to delete this posting and deny all connection to it.

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