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  • The number two to Galoo

    Posted on July 5th, 2009 Sheila Yair 1 comment

    galuWe are up in the mountains in a tiny little village called Galoo. It is on a hilltop above a forest teeming with birds; parakeets, magpies, woodpeckers, raptors and other little chirpers. Our little room has huge windows and we can see the forest the sunset the sunrise and snow peaks. When I say tiny village I mean five houses big with a couple hotels and a café selling soda and biscuits. If we want to buy anything or eat out we have to go one village down which is about 40 minutes, if we want to call or use the internet we have to go two villages down which is about an hour away. Unfortunately what comes down must go up and in both cases the way back involves climbing. For all this we use the number two line, our feet. It is a little peek in to the times before cars. It also teaches you the importance of a shopping list because you do not want to remember something halfway up the hill.

    Our trail mates are local villagers walking their livestock up and down, convoys of donkeys and mules bringing up anything from bags of cement and bricks to bags of flour and soda bottles and walking bushes with two legs (the local women go up to the forest and pile themselves with grass for livestock or wood for cooking, they rarely take a pile smaller than their own size.)

    monkeyIt is a great place for hiking, there are many trails going in all directions. Our favorite trail is about a 40 minutes walk to a waterfall with pristine green icy water. Aside from birds we have seen many monkeys. One can watch these human like animals for hours. They each have a very unique character. You can see the playful young ones, the caring mothers, the worried ones and the aggressive Alfa males. We have also become quite experts in monsoon prediction. It rains almost everyday for two to three hours. But it can rain at any point of the day so you have to know the monsoon clouds from the harmless regular clouds, otherwise you are under a three-hour long cold shower in the middle of nowhere.

    It is the 3rd of July today. In Conesus Lake, a beautiful lake in upstate New York (the real upstate, the one hour from Canada one not the upstate New York City dwellers usually refer to which is just half an hour out of the city) there is a tradition of lighting flares all around the lake. It is called the ring of fire. We thought of going up to a glacial lake two days away and having a little ring of fire there but Sheila has come down with dysentery. I will spare you the details and just say that she is recovering and constantly dreaming of clean food. I know she wishes she could be in the cookout tonight. We both do and not just for the food.

    Happy 4th of July.


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